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About Us

"simul" means TOGETHER, TOGETHER, TOGETHER and was deliberately chosen as the name of this company. Without partners and friends - who accompany, support and trust you - it is not possible to appear on the big stage of packaging.

Therefore " simulpac" is a big " WE" and " WE" are Rainer and Plamen. Two who have actually been active and known in the industry independently of each other for a long time, but since the end of 2021 together with twice the strength and enthusiasm, as well as in our specialist departments, to create your packaging and bring it to market.

"WE" make "EUROPA" strong - because we do it in EUROPE!

This makes us a reliable partner. Due to short production times and only a few days of transport to our warehouse, we are perfectly positioned and have a very good place in the important supply chain. From our warehouse in Bavaria, we can deliver the goods anywhere in Europe in just a few days. Flexibility and reliability are very important to us and therefore we prove this every day.

It is the harmonious interplay of the people we work with. And the results are impressive. Together with you, each bag will become the bag that lets YOU be recognized in the market thanks to the many possibilities of the materials, our expert advice and ultimately your design!

And that is exactly what we see as our task at "simulpac" . We help to realize your packaging wishes!

Convince yourself of our performance, product quality and our expertise in relation to sustainability and recycling. Contact us and get to know us.

We do the rest "simultaneously" together, together, with each other.

We look forward to you

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